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“In the last 20 years I have hired hundreds of speakers and Mark Tewart was by far the best speaker with the best content.”
Norm Schultz, Director
Lake Erie Trade Association

“Hi, I’m Mark Tewart. After my first year of speaking and training, I became a professional member of the National Speakers Association. While attending my first national meeting I was shown a chart of income brackets for professional speakers. I quickly realized that in my first year of speaking I was already in the top 2% of speakers for income. Upon reflection as to why, I believe it was because I was an expert in sales, sales marketing and management not just somebody who wanted to be a speaker. I knew how to do the things I spoke about. My clients wanted the expertise, knowledge and experience I had to share. Although my audiences often comment that they rate my speaking skills higher than some of the worlds best known speakers, what they continually say they appreciate even more is the valuable and real-world and usable information they receive. Folks, you don’t hire speakers, you pay for results. I guarantee those results. If I can’t deliver the results you want, I will refund your fee and pay you what you would have paid me!”

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Mark Tewart has a track record of over two decades of producing results. Mark's background includes being a top performing Salesperson, Sales Manager and General Manager of several multimillion dollar businesses.

Using his experiences, expertise and success from business, Mark has been a renowned speaker, trainer, author and consultant for over a decade. Mark has had a top ranked TV show, published hundreds of articles for numerous magazines, written over 10 books and authored numerous video and audio training products. Mark has been quoted and interviewed by many news channels and newspapers and has a client list from around the world. Mark also is the founder and President of four successful businesses.


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